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Petals Hair Color Shampoo

Petals Hair Color Shampoo is the new formulation simplifies the process to color grey/white hair with the easiest application and immediate effects. Petals shampoo contains six herbal extracts that can nourish and strengthen your hair and scalp. It comes with two natural colors, black and dark brown.

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Petals Hair Mask

Petals hair conditioner provide instant hair repair and it aids in moisturizing and nourishing the hair. It prevents breakage, replenishes lost protein, and protects the hair shaft from damage. It also makes your hair smoother and silkier.

Frequently Ask Questions

Got a questions? We are here to answer! 

A bottle of shampoo contains 500ml. It can be used up to 10 – 15 times for thick and long hair.

For one time use, the color remains up to 2 – 3 months of use.

Shampoo can be used at any time on the entire hair to blacken gray hair or can be used on the part that has gray hair only.
Immediate effect as fast as 15 minutes after using the shampoo.


KKM Notification Number: NOT210803249K

You can check it on NPRA Website.

This shampoo is valid to be used on Wudu’ and prayer as it contains several agents for the hair color to be water transparent. Among the ingredient are:

1. Phenylenediamine
2. Para-toluenediamine

The material functions to open the hair cuticle so that hair color can enter the hair and be transparent to the water. It’s not just sitting on top of the hair layers that can make the hair color opaque.

The percentage of this materials also used in an appropriate proportion and does not effected the hair and scalp.

If you have a severe allergy problem on your scalp, we do not recommend you to buy this shampoo.

Because we don’t know what ingredients will give you a bad reaction later. If you also want to try this shampoo, you need to try it a little behind the ear first, wait 15 minutes and then rinse.

Wait within 48 hours, if there is no reaction, it means you are not allergic to our shampoo.

Petals HQ ship the postage from Shah Alam, Selangor, by using Ninja Van Courier for Peninsular Malaysia.